Hamilton DeCapper

For labs that require frequent removal and replacement of caps, we offer the DeCapper. The DeCapper optimizes workflow in a laboratory by decapping and re-capping 12 rows of vials simultaneously in less than 60 seconds. 

The DeCapper supports 0.5ml to 1.4ml microtubes from Matrix, Micronic, and Nunc. The DeCapper can be controlled either by the MICROLAB® STAR Line Venus one software or a standalone controller. Caps can be placed on a separate cap holder for processing multiple plates. 

In addition, this valuable system can be operated as an integrated and stand-alone unit simultaneously.

Tube Compatibility

  • Corning
  • Matrix
  • Micronic
  • Nunc

Features &

  • Parallel or Complete Rack—Features 12 wells in parallel or complete rack for selective row wise opening and closing.
  • Permanent Sensor Control—The DeCapper monitors each cap during transportation to ensure no caps are lost or mishandled, maximizing safety process. 
  • Removable Cap Holder Rack—Ensures batch wise process.  Also, it operates from outside to inside rows to eliminate the possibility of drop contamination.
  • Torque Monitoring—The built-in monitoring ensures a consistent seal and reports the exact location in the event of an improper seal.
  • Touch Screen—Features an easy-to-use touch screen that provides easy navigation through the system.


  • Storage of biological materials such as DNA, cells, blood, tissue and plant materials
  • Storage of compound libraries for drug discovery research



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