Instrument Service Training

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To meet the needs of our customers, the U.S.A. National Service Department offers Certified Instrument Service Training on our instrument products. Successful completion of our training courses qualifies technicians to perform preventive maintenance, diagnostic troubleshooting, and emergency repairs.

Our experience has shown that a student with a strong background in electronics and scientific instrument servicing has a high probability of success in these training courses. For the MICROLAB AT/AT+, MICROLAB F.A.M.E., MICROLAB 2200 and 4000/4200, a strong background in the use of personal computers and disk operating system (DOS) level commands is necessary.

Quarterly classes are available for MICROLAB AT/AT+ Instrument Servicing (class duration of 4-5 days), while MICROLAB F.A.M.E. AND MICROLAB 2200 and 4000/4200, and MICROLAB Diluters and Dispensers classes are scheduled on an "as required" basis. Instrument service training is also available at your site. Contact the Instrument Service Department for more information.

Service training is only available to Hamilton customers, authorized distributors, and OEM partners. All training is subject to the approval of Hamilton Company.


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