Protein Precipitation

Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic departments are more and more involved in drug discovery support. Development and implementation of high throughput techniques for sample preparation used for drug analysis is challenging. One of the widely used sample preparation techniques is protein precipitation, which is traditionally done by centrifugation prior to analysis on LC/MS. The preparation of dilutions, calibration curve, and quality control is time consuming.

In order to decrease sample preparation time, the automated system for protein precipitation - based on the MICROLAB STAR - uses vacuum technology with filter plates to reduce volumes and decrease sample preparation time. Routine operation showed improvements of the between- and within-assay accuracy and precision of the internal control and dilutions.

This system is capable of preparing from 1 to 4 plates in a mean of 75 minutes to around 270 minutes without any customer manipulation.

Features and

  • Increased reproducibility of the process
  • Increased throughput
  • Lower cost for analysis • Fully automated hands-free processing with the built-in robotic plate handler (CO-RE Grip)


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 4 channels CO-RE Grip for plate handling
  • Wash Station with 3 modules for 1000µl needles
  • BVS vacuum system nucleic acid clean up with different Kits (MN &Millipore) • Variomag shaker
  • Flip-Flop Station (Rotation Station)
  • Piercing Tools


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