Metabolomics can be defined as the comprehensive analysis of large numbers of metabolites. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the metabolites, the end products of genetic expression, provide a holistic view of the biochemical status of an organism. Metabolomics is a promising field of research.

The pharmaceutical research and development process for new drugs can be accelerated and made more efficient by applying metabolomics to pre-clinical and clinical trial stages. The pharmacological effects of a given substance can be analyzed in more detail, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and lowering the total development costs. In clinical research, the availability of a high-resolution biochemical fingerprint can facilitate the early detection of malignant tumors and latent chronic diseases. Precise staging and sub-typing of complex diseases also opens up the possibility of developing individually adapted forms of therapy (personalized medicine). For metabolomics assays, HAMILTON offers automation solutions for the various processes of sample preparation needed in the analysis of metabolites.

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