With Ultrafiltration Technology (Millipore)

Speed and cost are major issues with frequently used PCR purification applications. Based on the Montage technology from MILLIPORE, HAMILTON now offers an automated solution for nucleic acid purification on the liquid handling robot MICROLAB® STAR that is guaranteed to save time and money.

Using dependable vacuum technology, contaminants are removed by means of size exclusion without a binding step. Montage PCR filter plates are available in 96- and 384-well formats for high-throughput PCR purification including micro 96-well format for small volume PCR product purification.

These kits, when automated on the MICROLAB® STAR, provide excellent purified PCR products and high recovery rates with good reproducibility. Thanks to the usage of both disposable tips and steel needles, the running costs are reduced.

Features and

  • Fully automated hands-free processing with built in robotic plate handler
  • Excellent purity and very good recovery rates with high reproducibility
  • Additional applications, such as DNA Quantification & Normalization, PCR set-up, or restriction analysis can be automated on the same platform
  • Other Millipore kit types can be automated on the same platform


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels, with integrate iSWAP robotic plate-handler
  • BVS Vacuum System with specific Manifold
  • Variomag Teleshake for shaking of MTP and DWP
  • Needle Wash Station and Steel Needles or Disposable Tips
  • All required carriers and labware

Alternate System Configuration

  • STARlet + CO-RE Gripper


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