From Cattle Blood and Tissue with Magnetic Beads

A workstation has been developed based on the MICROLAB® STAR which automates routinely performed assays used to identify different RNA viruses from cattle samples. RNA from cattle blood and tissue is simultaneously isolated using the AGOWA®mag Midi DNA Isolation kit. This easy to use and cost effective kit, which utilizes magnetic particle technology, can be used for RNA isolation by making a slight change to the DNA protocol.

The MICROLAB® STAR's Monitored Air Displacement (MAD) technology detects incorrect aspirations, such as faulty aspirations caused by blood clots. This feature helps to increase the process security of the system. The MICROLAB® STAR automates the process of RNA isolation, and then uses the RNA for setting-up RT-PCR reactions. This is done on the same system. The prepared reactions are then analyzed either on the LightCycler® from ROCHE or the iCycler Thermal Cycler from BIORAD.

Integration of the BVS vacuum system on this platform also allows RNA or DNA isolation based on vacuum technologies using different kits with filter plates.

Features and

  • Magnetic bead and vacuum technology combined on one system
  • Fast and reliable system for routine diagnostics of veterinary samples
  • One system for viral RNA isolation and RT-PCR reaction preparation
  • The STAR’s Monitored Air Displacement technology allows detection of incorrect aspiration, e.g. aspiration errors caused by blood clots


  • MICROLAB STAR 8 channel, Autoload option with integrated barcode reader
  • Internal Plate Handler (iSWAP or CO-RE Grip)
  • Magnetic Separator from AGOWA
  • BVS Vacuum system   All required carriers for plates and reagents


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