From Blood with Vacuum Technology

Reliability and process control are major issues for automated genomic DNA isolation from blood samples. HAMILTON offers an automated solution based on the MICROLAB® STAR liquid handling workstation using NucleoSpin® technology from MACHEREY-NAGEL.

This system features the following decisive advantages: - Blood clot detection during aspiration due to the STAR's Monitored Air Displacement (MAD) pipetting principle. MAD allows the detection of incorrect aspiration, such as clots in blood samples. - Clog check of the filtration plates after each vacuum step can optionally be activated with the advanced liquid level detection system (both pressure and capacitive LLD) of the STAR's pipetting channels.

Thanks to these features, the process security on the MICROLAB® STAR is very high. The system processes 96 samples within 60 minutes.

The highly flexible system is easily adapted to other kit types. Other applications such as DNA normalization, PCR preparation and DNA digestion can be automated on the same platform as well.

Features and

  • Fully automated hands-free processing with built-in robotic plate-handler (iSWAP)
  • Clog check for monitoring of the vacuum steps
  • Aspiration monitoring (MAD) for blood clot detection • Blood samples loadable in 96-well plates or tubes
  • Sample tracking available as an option
  • Flexible and modular system


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 8 channels, with built-in robotic plate-handler (iSWAP)
  • BVS Basic Vacuum System
  • Variomag Shaker
  • All required carriers



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