Gateway Cloning Technology

Automated protein production by cloning techniques is a bottleneck for many crystallography groups and in protein research in general. HAMILTON provides a fully automated solution for Invitrogen's Gateway® Cloning Technology which also can be integrated into our crystallization systems. The Cloning System for Gateway® Technology allows performance of all steps relevant to the cloning process starting from PCR products, including LR and BP reactions, PCR setups and cycling, plasmid preps, quality control steps (E-gel or off-line sequencing), colony picking on the same instrument and archiving of clones. The system has built-in data tracking: the status of PCR products can be tracked throughout the entire process including image information from colony picking and quality control (if available).

Features and

  • All steps in the cloning process are automated on-deck - including integrated colony picking
  • Compact design to save precious lab space
  • Easy-to-use workflow interface (Gateway Manager)
  • Sophisticated system wide data tracking with backend Oracle/Access database


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 8 channels, with Autoload option and iSWAP integrated plate-handler
  • HAMILTON EasyPick colony picker for on-deck colony picking • Biometra TRobot® thermocycler
  • ABGene ALPS300® sealer
  • Invitrogen E-gel® mother base

Alternate System Configuration

  • STARPlus



(plate sealer)
(Gateway® Cloning
Technology/E-gel® mother base)

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