With DNA and RNA for Food Science

The HAMILTON Genomics Suite automates a large number of genomics applications to support a wide variety of in-house research projects exploring how advanced molecular and cellular biology can be used to create new benefits for food, home and personal care products. The current list includes applications that take advantage of both vacuum and magnetic bead based methods/protocols.

  • Genomic DNA Isolation
  • DNA Quantification
  • DNA Normalization
  • PCR Reaction Set-up
  • PCR Clean Up
  • PCR Product Quantification
  • PCR Product Normalisation
  • Sequencing Reaction Set-up
  • Sequencing Reaction Clean Up
  • Phenol/Chloroform Total RNA Treatment
  • Total RNA Isolation from cell cultures
  • Total RNA Concentration
  • Total RNA Quantification
  • cDNA Synthesis starting with normalized total RNA
  • PCR Reaction Set up for real time analysis
  • Enzyme Immunoassay

Features and

  • A wide range of Genomics applications are automated on one system
  • The complete system – including all instruments from other manufacturers - is controlled from within the HAMILTON software
  • An easy-to-use software front-end allows quick access to the large number or protocols running on the system


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels, including auto load option with barcode reader
  • Active Needle Wash Station with 300ul steel needles • iSWAP and CO-RE Grip for plate transport
  • ML SWAP 1400
  • BVS Vacuum System
  • BMG FLUOstar
  • Inheco 12-position Incubated Hotel
  • Biotek Wellwash LX405R
  • ABGene Plate Sealer (Alps 300)
  • Biometra T Robot Cycler: one for 96 well PCR Plates and two for 384 well PCR Plates
  • AGOWA 7200 SepBoxes (2x)



www.abgene.com (sealer)
www.agowa.com (kits)
www.bigneat.com (cabinet)
www.biometra.com (thermo cycler)
www.biotek.com (washer)
www.bmglabtech.com (plate reader)
www.hp-lab.de (shaker)
www.inheco.com (incubator)
www.mecour.com (cooled carrier)
www.qiagen.com (kits)
www.millipore.com (kits)

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