For Genotyping (Gel analysis)

In the study of plant genomics, a large number of samples need to be processed - often requiring automation - especially when 384-well plates are used. PCR set-up for plant genotyping in particular is a time consuming and tedious application. Using the MICROLAB STAR, up to 24 PCR plates in 96-well and 384-well formats can be prepared for PCR reactions without user intervention. The number of plates to be processed is user selectable, from 1 to 24.

To cut running costs, the transfer of DNA samples and the pipetting of the PCR mixes are performed with washable steel needles. The wash efficiency of the needle wash station was tested and no cross-contamination was detected by electrophoresis analysis after PCR reactions.

Features and

  • Good reproducibility for low volume pipetting (2 and 3µl) compared to manual pipetting
  • Efficient system for highly repetitive application
  • Low running costs due to usage of steel needles for all pipetting steps
  • No cross-contamination detected due to high wash efficiency of the wash station
  • Elimination of pipetting errors


  1. MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels
  2. Wash Station with 1 module for 300µl Steel Needles and 2 modules for 10µl Steel Needles
  3. LI-COR automated DNA Sequencer
  4. MJ Research Tetrad PTC-225 thermo cycler
  5. All required carriers and labware



(DNA sequencer)

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