Drugs of Abuse Testing

Many organizations elect to routinely test employees for drugs of abuse. Saliva or urine samples from employees can be tested for the presence of any number of drugs. While there are up to 11 tests typically performed, every test may not be needed for a particular sample. Thus, the MICROLAB STAR follows a very specific and documented worklist (see Customer Statement).

The samples and plates are loaded onto the STAR using the Autoload and the barcodes are read. The user selects the appropriate worklist to use. A check is made to ensure that every barcode in the worklist and every barcoded sample matches.  Any inconsistencies are reported to the user before any pipetting takes place.

The STAR reads the worklist and calculates the total volume required for each sample, aspirates this volume and dispenses to the coated plates that require that sample. Different tests require different volumes dispensed to the plate. This routine is performed with either four or eight samples at a time depending on the number of channels available on the instrument.

The flexibility of the software and its file handling capability ensure that a very labor intensive, tedious and error-prone task is performed correctly and simply, providing the user with detailed results.

The system processes 264 samples in 40 minutes.

Features and

  • Complex worklist handling
  • Sample Management using barcodes
  • Process eight samples simultaneously, each with different volumes
  • Create detailed results files in a number of file formats


  • MICROLAB STAR 8 channels with autoload option

Customer Statement

"At Altrix Healthcare we use the HAMILTON MICROLAB STAR as part of our screening process for Drugs of Abuse in samples of Oral Fluid collected with the Intercept® device. We have found the processors to be extremely versatile and the use of these processors has increased our throughput by 200%. The commercial laboratory at Altrix Healthcare plc currently handles in excess of 1000 samples per day and such throughput would not be possible without the use of the HAMILTON MICROLAB STAR."
- Dr. Frank Whitfield
Altrix Healthcare

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