Automation of Skin Cell Cultures

Skin Cell Culture System with environmental cabinet

HAMILTON created a custom solution to automate multiple aspects of skin cell culture. The automated system produces skin cell experimental models in cell culture plates (both standard and trans-well plates). Each cell culture plate goes through a pre-defined set of processes including media change, cell harvesting, cell plating and addition of growth factor or other substances. The system processes plate batches following a pre-scheduled experimental design created using a task scheduler, with minimal user intervention. The plates containing skin cell culture models are then used to test the effectiveness of various compounds.

In addition to this skin cell culture system, HAMILTON and Life & Brain have proposed and in part validated a fully automated stem cell culture system. With reliable and highly reproducible automation of cell cultures, a significant reduction of manual workload comes into reach.

Features and

  • Complete automation of skin cell culture maintenance
  • Low cross-contamination due to our liquid-free system
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Optimized data tracking and task scheduling with backend Access database even under 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
  • Possibility of cell analysis system integration


  • MICROLAB STAR pipetting workstation
  • Kendro Cytomat incubators (Cytomat 6000 and Cytomat 2 C450) • Laminar flow chamber
  • Heated plate shaker (CAT SH 25/26)
  • Celltask software to schedule and document all activities for each culture
  • System wide data tracking with Celltrack software



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