Known Errors

Graphic layout Method editor

Graphic layout Method editor Windows7

With VENUS two and three under Windows 7 occurs wrong graphic representation of the method editor.

As you drag the window of the method editor (top-down) over the image (for exampleTip-carriers) from the deck layout remain leftovers from the picture window in the method editor.

As a work-around, please use following instructions:

There are three possibilities:

1. At the Control Panel/ All Control Panl Items/Personalization choose Basicdesign (No Aero Themes).

2. On Computer/Properties/Advanced system settings/System properties Advanced/Performance Settings/Visual Effects: Disable " Show window contents while dragging".

3. Possibilities 1 and 2 together.

Teaching irregular rack definition

Teaching of irregular Rack Labware Definitions

The teaching of irregular labware does not work properly. For example after teaching, not all z-height values of the irregular rack positions are correct. The teached values are lost. The problem was found on VENUS two w/o service pack.


As a work-around, please use following instructions:

Download the attached dll's which will solve the problem. Copy the files in the folder (according to the language) C:\Program files\HAMILTON\bin. Click here to download the files.

The error will be solved in VENUS three.


Installation Error

Installation of VENUS two on Windows 7

Systems with a new installation of Windows7 must be first activated before VENUS two can be installed. Only then the Installation of the VENUS two is possible.


Installation of VENUS two on Windows 7 64 bit (Windows Media Player 11)


The VENUS two (V4.3.0.4686) Software cannot not be installed on Systems with Windows 7 64 bit and Windows Media Player 11. The Installationprogram doesn't detect Directx90c. Following error occurs:



Continues with ok. Directx90c have to install from the DVD: \Microlab_STSAR\Directx90c\DXSETUP.exe and the Installation have to start again.

LowVolumeFilter_Water_DispenseSurface (Microlab STAR Liquid Editor)

LowVolumeFilter_Water_DispenseSurface: Max. pipette volume to high

The Value of the max. pipette volume is with 15ul to high. The max. pipette volume is 10ul.

As a Workaround, please use following instructions:

Rename the liquidclass and then set the the value for 10ul (Target)  to 10ul (Corrected). Delete the value for 15ul (Target and Corrected). To use the LowVolumeFilter_Water_DispenseSurface_Empty LC is also possible.

iSwap Easy Steps parameters

iSwap Easy Steps may loose grip height parameters

It is known that the iSwap Easy Steps may reset to the default grip height of 3mm if other parameters in the step (e.g. the source- or target sequence) are changed AFTER the grip height has been set.


  1. Specify the getPlate sequence
  2. Define the GripHeight to be 5mm
  3. Change the getPlate sequence à the grip height jumps back to 3mm!

To avoid this error, please make sure the grip height is set as last parameter in the step (fill all other values first).

The error has been documented in the error database and will be solved with the next release.

Surface Part LC: Blowout volume (Microlab STAR Liquid Editor)

Value of the Blowout volume (dispense) is wrong 

The Value of the Blowout volume (dispense) in several Surface part  Liquidclasses isn't correct. The value should be zero. 

As a workaround, please use following instructions:

The grey write protected field dispense blowout volume must be changed. The  type for the dispense mode must be changed and set the value to zero for the bowout volume dispense. Save this configuration and change the dipense mode back to surface part volume.  

Stop Flow Rate (Microlab STAR Liquid Editor)

Range of the Stop Flow Rate is wrong 

The Range of the Stop Flow Rate for several channels isn't correct.  The wrong value we're appearing in the Liquid Class Editor: Liquid Details and Help. Unfortunatley, a wrong value in VENUS one and two will be abort the method.


As a workaround, please use following values:

5 ml Channels:               10-2500 ul/s

384 CO-RE Head 50 ul:   1.5-240 ul/s

Easy step CO-RE transport

Method aborts if plate is not present when checking

The Easy Step CO-RE Transport has the ability to check if the plate is present on the pick-up position and, after the transport, can be found on the target position. This option is selectable in the Customize part of the Easy step.

Unfortunately, a return value is not passed correctly in VENUS one (including SP1 / SP2) so the step ABORTS the method if the plate can not be found.

As a workaround, please use the single steps for transporting plates with the CO-RE grippers.

Barcode error

Wrong/missing barcode files with the command FileOpen

It has been brought to our attention that opening and reading barcode files generated by the Load step may miss some entries. This happens if the FileOpen step is used to directly open the generated *.txt file. The reason for this could not be evaluated by now.

As a work around, please use the command 'FormatBarcodeFile' to convert the generated *.txt file into an Excel file--> Reading the Excel file will be errorless. The use of the 'FormatBarcodeFile' step is shown below.

Labware error on 4ml / 5ml Tip Carriers

Wrong barcode orientation on 4ml/5ml Tip Carriers

The default installation contains a wrong property so the barcode orientation of the carriers is vertical instead of horizontal. The corrected version below is error free. This problem occurs on VENUS one (4.2.0 / 4.2.1 / 4.2.5).

Click here to download the corrected version.

Installation Errors

Installation of ML STAR Vector Software 4.1 – Service Pack 1 (

The installation fails if STAR Vector Software 4.1 has been installed on an other drive than C. The installation of Service Pack 1 fails with the following error:


Continues with ok and start this program


Uninstall ML STAR Vector Software 4.1 - Service Pack 1 (

If you uninstall the ML STAR Vector Software 4.1 and the Service Pack 1. Then you like to install 4.1 again. Follow error appears:

Continues with ok and delete all policy.4.1.* files from the directory "C:\WINDOWS\assembly\".


Install MSDE Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with the ML STAR Vector Software 4.1

If you want to install the MSDE Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with the ML STAR Vector Software 4.1 the installtion hangs resp. is not complete. If the installation hangs (no accelarate appears in progress bar) then start the task manager and finish the process setupre.exe. After that the installation should be finished correctly.

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