Increase your MICROLAB® STAR system flexibility and throughput with the Hamilton high-speed reagent dispenser. The reagent dispenser is designed to perform the high volume dispense steps required by many of today’s assays and XNA purification methods without the cross-contamination risk associated with fixed steel needles, or the cost of disposable tips.


For maximum system flexibility, each reagent dispenser:

  • dispenses faster than either a 96 probe head or eight independent pipetting channels
  • dispenses up to four different reagents
  • may be located anywhere on the STAR deck and takes up only two tracks
  • may be setup by the user to reach over the left or right side of a labware carrier

For unparalleled reliability and accuracy, the high-speed reagent dispenser uses the Hamilton ML500 dispenser to deliver liquid to the manifold. The basic setup includes the reagent dispenser base with one 12-probe manifold (figure 1) and a Hamilton ML500 dispenser (figure 2).

To dispense more than one reagent using a single high-speed reagent dispenser, simply add a manifold kit (maximum of four manifolds per reagent dispenser, sold separately). Each manifold kit includes one manifold, one ML 500 dispenser, and all of the required tubing. When more reagent dispensing capacity is required, multiple reagent dispensers can be used on a single Microlab STAR instrument (figure 4).


The high-speed reagent dispenser is faster than both the 96 probe head and independent pipetting channels for dispensing large volumes (figure 3). For maximum system throughput, the reagent dispenser can be operated in parallel with the Microlab STAR’s independent pipetting channels, 96 and 384 multi-probe heads, and nano-pipettor head.

Each manifold/dispenser unit has a dead volume of 7.5ml. A simple software command returns the dead volume to the reservoir bottle at the end of the run, minimizing reagent costs. The manifolds are parked over an intelligent waste/priming station with electronic overflow prevention when not in use.

The user-friendly Microlab STAR Vector software drives the high-speed reagent dispenser as an integral part of the system, making it immediately familiar to Microlab STAR users. Hamilton's high-speed reagent dispenser continues the legacy of efficiency and reliability that Hamilton is known for world-wide.


When performing ELISAs on the MICROLAB STAR, a three-manifold reagent dispenser can deliver wash buffer, substrate, and stop buffer without having to make multiple trips back to the reagent source labware, and without having to change tips between buffers. For vacuum-based solid phase extraction methods, the reagent dispenser is a valuable time-saving tool for loading conditioning and elution buffers into filter plates.

Media dispensing for fully automated cell culture/maintenance systems can be performed in parallel with other processes on the Microlab STAR. The high-speed reagent dispenser can be customized to automatically switch between multiple source liquids feeding the same manifold. This allows, for example, cell media lines to be flushed with ethanol for sterilization.



Technical Specifications:

Dimensions:  2 track carrier base

Pipetting Range:  50ul – 2ml

Throughput:  1ml/well in a 96 deep well plate = 37s

Precision:  <10%
Accuracy:  +/- 5%

Compatible labware:  SBS 96 well format
Compatible carriers:  Front three positions of Multi Flex carrier, Basic Vacuum System (BVS), Automated Vacuum System (AVS)

Configurations:  Up to four manifolds per reagent dispenser.  Dispensing head can reach over left or right side of labware carrier

Priming/Waste/Park station: Trough with electronic overflow protection

Custom manifold:  Pricing available upon request

Chemical compatibility:  Fluid path materials resistant to most commonly used laboratory fluids, including DMSO, dimethyl ether, and acetyl nitrile

Figure 1: Hamilton STAR high-speed reagent dispenser shown with optional plate carrier
Figure 2: Hamilton ML500 syringe pump.
Figure 3: Hamilton STAR dispenser performance chart.
Figure 4: Mulitple Hamilton STAR reagent dispenser layout.
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