HEPA Filter Hood

The MICROLAB STAR HEPA Filter Hood provides positive pressure filtered air to the pipetting space within the STAR.  Form fitting hoods are available for all three sizes of the STAR.  Room air is drawn in from the top and forced through a one stage filter.  Air is discharged from the filters over the pipetting area inside the STAR and exits through the opening in front and vents in the Plexiglas on the back of the workstation to protect the assay from the environment outside the workstation.  Class II isolation enclosures are also available from third party supplies to enclose the entire workstation if the environment outside the workstation needs to be isolated from the assay.

Air flow volume can be controlled by the software running the workstation to alter conditions while running the assay.  On/off and speed controls are mounted to the hood itself as well.


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Volumetric Flow

Fan Speed

SW setting

89.39 cfm

571 rpm


380.65 cfm

1604 rpm


832.63 cfm

3236 rpm


STARlet with 96 channel multiprobe head extention and HEPA Filter Hood
HEPA Filter Hood mounted on top of a STAR
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