In-Gel Protein Digest

The HAMILTON system - based on the MICROLAB STAR - automates a process that is routinely performed manually in the laboratory: in-gel protein digestion of electrophoretically-separated proteins, followed by mass spectrometric identification/characterization. This process includes:

  • band/spot cleaning
  • reduction/alkylation of cysteines
  • tryptic digestion

The primary advantages of a fully automated protocol are increases in both walk-away time and assay throughput. Routine studies have shown that the automated digestion method using the STAR produces results which are equivalent to - and in some cases better than - the manual method.Based on these results, optimum reduction, alkylation and digestion times have been selected. These have been incorporated into an automated digestion procedure as described above and is available through HAMILTON.

Features and

  • Automated digestion method using the STAR provides similar results when compared to manual method
  • The automated method results in increased throughput
  • Fully automated hands-free processing is provided by the built-in robotic plate handler (CO-RE Grip)


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 4 channels with CO-RE Grip for plate and lid handling
  • Cooling Carrier for reagents and Trypsin
  • Specially designed Temperature Controlled Carrier (heating) for Proteomics to perform all digestion steps


Application note


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