Fully Automated Sample Preparation Suite for Metabolomics

In an alliance with BIOCRATES Life Sciences, HAMILTON has developed an integrated system for automated and quality controlled sample preparation for mass spectrometry (MS) of metabolites. The system is based on HAMILTON's MICROLAB STAR liquid handling workstation. The STAR, as well as all other components of the system, is controlled from within HAMILTON's Vector software. The system is housed in a fume-hood for user safety.

Starting with human samples such as blood or urine stored in tubes, the system fully automates a variety of processes to prepare MTP's ready for MS. This includes:

  • all pipetting tasks
  • sample drying
  • shaking
  • high-temperature incubation
  • vacuum-based solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • separations using centrifugation 

The system allows a flexible number of samples within a batch. All steps are performed according to worklists and each process is tracked and written to a database file for further evaluation.

BIOCRATES further develops the system into a fully integrated platform comprised of proprietary sample preparation procedures, mass spectrometry-based analytics and BIOCRATES' bioinformatics tools. The new technology platform is likely to produce valuable results both for pharmaceutical research and development and clinical research and will significantly enhance current functional genomics approaches such as expression profiling and proteomics.

Features and

  • full automation of all relevant processes
  • software integration of all hardware components
  • sample tracking
  • open system concepts allows easy and flexible adaptation of new sample preparation procedures


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels, autoload, iSWAP
  • Needle wash station
  • MICROLAB SWAP 1400 plate handler
  • Fume hood to exhaust the vapours of the reagents
  • H+P Variomag Teleshake
  • Thermo centrifuge
  • PORVAIR Ultravap sample drying station
  • INHECO incubation positions including heated lid
  • BVS vacuum system integrated on the deck of the instrument
  • All required carriers and labware





(sample drying)


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