From E. coli with Vacuum Technology (Macherey-Nagel)

HAMILTON has developed a method for fully automated plasmid purification with maximum reliability, yield and throughput on the MICROLAB STAR using the NucleoSpin® Robot-96 Plasmid Purification Kit from Macherey-Nagel. The kit includes all the reagents and disposable materials needed to purify Plasmid DNA out of bacterial cultures in the 96-well format. The method involves four basic steps, including bacterial lysis, DNA binding to the silica matrix, washing and elution.

The process is completed in 75 minutes for one 96-well plate. This system can process up to four 96-well plates in 5 hours without user intervention. Purified samples are suitable for the most sensitive downstream applications including cloning, DNA sequencing and transformation. These and other applications like DNA digestion or PCR set up can be automated on the same platform. The MICROLAB STAR pipetting workstation allows the usage of both steel needles and disposable tips within the same run, which helps to reduce the cost per isolation.

Features and

  • Fully automated hands free processing with built in robotic plate handler
  • Excellent purity, yields and reproducibility
  • Low running costs due to possible combined usage of steel needles and disposable tips
  • Additional applications, such as DNA Quantification & Normalisation, PCR set up, or restriction analysis can be automated on the same platform • Other kits from Macherey-Nagel can be automated on the same platform


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels
  • Built in robotic plate-handler (iSWAP or CO-RE gripper)
  • BVS Vacuum System with specific manifold
  • Variomag Teleshake for shaking of MTP and DWP Needle wash station and steel needles
  • All required carriers and labware

Alternate System Configuration

  • STARlet with reduced deck capacity  



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