For Micro-array Preparation

Oligonucleotide re-arraying

Micro-arraying has become a technique of choice for the study of gene expression. Re-Arrangement of even just a few hundred oligonucleotides by hand is not only tedious but highly prone to non-traceable errors. This is typically a task of choice for the MICROLAB® STAR because it requires precision pipetting and traceability, as well as flexibility. The MICROLAB® STAR can operate as part of a micro-array platform for spotting services for various micro-array applications, such as transcriptomics or genotyping for various model organisms.

Prior to micro-array spotting, libraries of oligonucleotides have to be rearranged and diluted according to a unique pattern to prepare 384-well microtiter plates ready to be used by the spotter.  Dilution factors and patterns vary from one spotting project to another. These parameters can be entered into the system by a worklist. The high pipetting precision of the MICROLAB® STAR ensures repeatability in the dilutions.

Features and

  • Precision pipetting into 96- or 384-well plates
  • High level of assay flexibility regarding number of plates and samples
  • Flexible worklist handling and full traceability
  • Flexible workstation configuration allowing processing of additional assays such as DNA purification, PCR set-up and DNA normalisation


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 8 channels
  • Integrated robotic plate handler (iSWAP)
  • Wash Station with 1 module for 300µl Steel Needles and 2 modules for 10µl Steel Needles
  • BVS vacuum system
  • Variomag shaker
  • Temperature Controlled Carrier (TCC)
  • BioRobotics MicroGrid II Pro spotter
  • Ventana Discovery™ microarray hybridisation module
  • Genetac LSIV scanner (Genomic Solutions)
  • GenePix 4.O analysis software



(LSIV scanner & spotter)
(analysis software)
(micro-array hybridisation module)

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