Automated Pre-PCR preparation of GEHC Life Sciences FTA cards

The intended use of the systems shall allow the automated Pre-PCR preparation of GEHC Life Sciences FTA cards for Genotyping.

  • 8 independent channels asymmetric spreadable
  • CORE 96 head to pipette fast and efficient with disposable tips
  • Air displacement technology for precise / accurate and contamination free pipetting
  • Plate handling tool iSWAP to support 3rd party devices with plates
  • Plate handling tool CORE gripper to support 3rd party devices with plates and to reload the system with plates and disposable tips
  • Liquid level detection by capacity or pressure
  • 9th channel located on the standard arm
  • CCD-camera mounted on this 9th channel
  • For shooting the PCR plate is located on a special backlight position
  • Library function to move the camera shoot the PCR plate and save the pictures data in a predefined directory to complement the traceability issue (presence of punches inside the well)


The hardware concept based on a system bench that allows a space optimized arrangement of all needed system components. Main components:


  • The pipetting instruments pipettes precise and accurate samples / reagents by using disposable tips. Barcode reading is also available to have the option of sample tracking
  • Two central plate-handling tools move the labware (plates / racks) from one device to the next. The access of the plate handling tools to each device is needed.
  • A FTA card puncher allows the punching of the FTA cards. The punches are filled in a PCR plate
  • The centrifuge centrifuges the PCR plate within the preparation to press the punches on the bottom of the wells
  • The sealer is able to seal the most of the common plates and plate materials in SBS format. Furthermore the sealer can be used with different foil materials to use the optimal material for each application
  • A CCD Camera mounted on the 9th channel in combination with a specific backlight position allows to do shoots of the plates for traceability
  • Heating modules on the deck are able to dry the wet punches
  • Cooling devices guarantee the storage of the final prepared plates within control conditions
  • Separate plate and liquid waste guarantees a proper waste management to prevent contamination of the system.
  • A PC controls all the devices and is needed as interface for the operator / user
  • The system bench position all devices and can be lifted up and moved away manually for cleaning purposes
  • All needed power and device control connection cables are integrated into the system bench and corresponding guided


Application note

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