ELISA-Set up for Brucellosis Testing

Brucellosis of cattle, known as "contagious abortion" is caused by infection of the bacterium Brucella abortus. In humans this bacteria can also cause a disease known as "undulant fever". Although eradicated from cattle in Great Britain, brucellosis of cattle is still present in many countries including several within the European Union. Prevention of brucellosis in Great Britain relies on thorough checks of imported cattle and continuing herd surveillance via: (1) monthly testing of bulk milk samples from dairy herds, and (2) blood testing of beef breeding herds every two years.

Using disposable tips, an aliquot of blood is transferred to a precoated ELISA plate, and diluted 1:200. The samples are prone to clotting, and the MICROLAB STAR utilizes its unique dual Liquid Level Detection (LLD) to eliminate the risk of missed samples and/or cross contamination. Capacitive LLD is used to detect the surface of the sample and clot removal. Pressure LLD determines the blocking of a tip by a clot.

The complete Brucellosis Testing application has been validated. The test is specific and optimized to reduce time and resource requirements. Utilizing Hamilton's "walkaway" error handling, user interventions are restricted to loading and unloading the workspace. The automated Brucellosis testing system is an important tool in the eradication of Brucellosis in the UK.

Features and

  • Automated checking of sample quality using pressure liquid level detection
  • Full sample tracking throughout the entire process and a link to the LIMS guarantee high process security and lossless data management
  • Continuous loading of samples provides increased flexibility and throughput
  • Advanced method selection tool allows economical method selection
  • Fast hit-picking thanks to independent channel spread and flexible software
  • Fully automated and redundant system concept guarantees high throughput and a high level of process security and stability


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels, with Autoload option and barcode scanner
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