The ClonaCell EasyPick platform

Together, STEMCELL Technologies and Hamilton Company are proud to present the ClonaCell® EasyPick platform, the world’s fastest system for colony isolation from semi-solid medium.

The ClonaCell EasyPick platform for cell line generation merges the rapid selection and cloning of cells using STEMCELL Technologies ClonaCell® media with Hamilton’s 30 years of experience in robotics to meet the three most important aspects of developing cell lines for biologics production: speed, throughput, and quality.

Generate stable cell lines in as little as 14 days by combining selection and cloning using ClonaCell® media.
Isolate up to 300 clones per hour in a fully automated environment.
Increase the probability of isolating rare high-yield clones with ClonaCell® media.

Advanced technologies such as Monitored Air Displacement and Anti-Droplet Control confirm and record liquid handling processes and eliminate cross-contamination.

Hamilton ensures the reliability of their instruments by testing each module with criteria that are higher than those required for the instrument as a whole. Its pipetting channels are tested for 10 million cycles during design and its core parts are manufactured in-house to the highest tolerances.

Features and

Speed and Throughput

  • World’s fastest system for automated colony isolation from semi-solid medium
  • Approximately 300 clones isolated per hour*
  • Minimized exposure time of clones on deck

Reliability and Consistency

  • Increased probability of selecting a high producing clone by automation
  • Reduced cross-contamination by use of disposable tips
  • Data tracking and comprehensive report files


  1. Modular Arm 8x 1000ul Channels Camera

  2. EasyPick Module

  3. 15x 10cm PetriDishes 24x 96MTP
  4. Disposable Tips

  5. Autoload Barcodereader

  6. HEPA Hood


Application note


For Sales and Product information, contact 800-648-5950