Cell Culture on HAMILTON / GCS BioLevitator (TM)

With an increasing demand for cells that more closely mimic in vivo characteristics, the bench scientists to large-scale biomanufacturers have embraced 3-D biology as the latest paradigm. In parallel, they are turning to solutions that allow hands-free growth, maintenance, and monitoring of cells for just-in-time delivery of cells into downstream research protocols.

The BioLevitator is a convenient bench top 3-D cell culture solution that aims to streamline the cell culture process. It enables the culture of cells on the Global Eukaryotic Microcarrier (GEM) technology from Global Cell Solutions and provides all functions of a cell culture incubator, including controlled temperature and CO2 levels. Engineered to magnetically maneuver the GEM, the BioLevitatorTM facilitates nutrient and gas exchange. In addition, its intuitive and easy to use interface enables simple control of the complete cell culture process.

Features and

  • High quality cells – preserve the in vivo phenotype of your cells
  • High cell yield from a smaller footprint – optimal control of the culture environment and improved access to nutrient and oxygen through gentle homogenisation
  • Intuitive user interface - simple control of the complete cell culture process from loading to harvesting
  • Minimized manual handling – optimal maintenance with minimized intervening steps required and increased walk-away time


Application note


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