Integrated system for DNA isolation, quantification, normalisation and STR profiling. DNA isolation using the PrepFiler® Forensic DNA Extraction Kit, Quantification using the Quantifiler® and Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kits, Normalisation and STR reaction setup to achieve reliable profiling using any of a number of high quality Life Technologies AmpFℓSTR® (short tandem repeat) typing kits.


  • Complete sample tracking with the Autoload option: the Autoload option reads barcodes of sample tubes, microplates and carriers, verifies correct labware positions and loads carriers automatically to the system for greater method security.
  • Minimize contamination risk with the unique CO-RE technology: the CO-RE system attaches disposable tips to the pipetting channels with a stable lock-and-key fit. The system requires no vertical force for tip attachment or tip ejection - no aerosols.
  • MAD: by monitoring the air-based pipetting action, the instrument detects clots or empty wells during the aspiration step in real time.
  • On-site performance verification by Life Technologies professional services
  • Verification report is generated using mock sample sets to guarantee instrument and reagents performance
  • Laboratory internal validation time reduced


  • Eliminate human errors
  • Increase traceability
  • Increase productivity and speed


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