Autolys STAR

Automated Sample Lysis & DNA Extraction System

Eliminate Your Forensic Sample Lysis Bottleneck!

Hamilton's AutoLys Tube is a novel, automation-friendly consumable designed explicitly for forensic DNA sample lysis and extraction on the AutoLys STAR.


  • 4 x CO-RE Liquid Pipetting Channels
  • 4 x CO-RE AutoLys Tool Channels
  • 1 x CO-RE gripper paddles
  • 4 x integrated HHS II heater/shaker modules (extraction)
  • 1 x Autoloadâ„¢ module (labware loading & 1D barcode scanning)
  • 1 x integrated 2D barcode imaging module - CCD camera
  • 1 x integrated on-deck Sias Ixion centrifuge


  • Labor Savings: eliminates tedious spin column handling and manual pipetting steps.
  • Time Savings: the AutoLys STAR will perform theLysis process completely unattended.
  • Enhanced Sample Integrity: minimizes risk of inadvertent contamination; proprietary AutoLys Tube with 2D barcode ensures chain-of-custody is maintained.


AutoLys STAR Flyer

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