Rack Runner
Rack Runner integrated with Microlab STAR

Rack Runner

The Hamilton Rack Runner is a fast and reliable robot used to integrate several devices such as Hamilton STAR liquid handling workstations, Hamilton Storage Technologies’ automated storage systems, DeCappers, or third party equipment such as hotels, incubators, and plate readers.

There are three versions of the Rack Runner. The desktop models, Rack Runner 720 and Rack Runner 1872, and the modular Line Rack Runner.

Benefits and Features

  • The compact footprint easily integrates into a laboratory.
  • Built-in force sensors control the gentle, yet firm grip on the racks and plates.
  • An optional 1D barcode scanner on the robot’s hand provides simple sample tracking.
  • Absolute encoders on all main axes eliminate slow and risky initialization movements and ensure the robot knows its location at all times to avoid the risk of collisions with peripheral devices.
  • The robot platform uses the latest technology in order to increase the reliability and lifetime of the system:
  • Wireless data transmission eliminates any moving cables on the linear track.
  • Linear drive technology powers the Rack Runner in the track producing minimal wear.
  • Modern direct current motors on all robot axes provide forceful and smooth movements.
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