STAR Multiflex Modules

The latest addition to the STAR accessories line is based on a modular concept. On a base plate, a variety of different modules can be mounted.  There are modules available for plate or tip rack stacking, cooling, heating, tilting, shaking and many more.  Compared to standard carriers, Multiflex allows the free combination of various modules on one base plate according to your needs. It’s customization based on standard parts.  The number of modules is steadily increasing, so check back for new products frequently.

188039 Multiflex carrier base (landscape orientation)

Labware carrier base for up to 5 Multiflex modules

188040 Multiflex tip module

Module to position one (1)  high-, standard-, or low volume  tip rack.  Tip pick-up height is 2.7mm lower than the standard tip carriers.  Use PN 188160 in all new cases other than when repeating existing methods, so the pick-up height is the same as the standard tip carrier.  This eliminates the need for setting multiple pick-up heights and enables barcode scanning of tip frame labels.

188041 Multiflex MTP module

Module to position 96-/384-well plates in SBS format /  or flat reagent troughs

188042 Multiflex DWP module

Module to position a deep well plate / tube racks (MATRIX or MICRONICS) / NUNC reagent trough

188043 CO-RE gripper on Multiflex module

Plate handling tool for plate transfer on the deck using  two pipetting channels. Includes module with parking  position for CO-RE gripper.

188044 Multiflex stacker module (landscape)

Module to use as passive plate hotel. Depending on  plate height, up to 10 plates can be stacked on one  position.

188045APE Multiflex heating module

Heating module (up to 60°C) including one adapter for one labware type.

188046APE Multiflex cooling module

Cooling module (4 - 15°C) including one adapter for one labware type.

188047 Multiflex reagent trough module

Module to hold six 50ml troughs

188048 Multiflex tube / cup module

Module to hold EPPENDORF, SARSTETT, NUNC tubes 
0.5/ 1.5 / 2.0ml with or without snap-lid in a passive  coolable adapter

188049 Multiflex PCR plate module 96

Module to position a 96-well PCR plate

188053 Multiflex carrier base (portrait orientation)

Labware carrier base for up to 3 Multiflex modules

188058APE Multiflex lid parking module

Module to park the lid of the cooling or heating module

188059APE Multiflex plate stacker module (portrait)

Module to use as passive plate hotel. Depending on plate height, up to 10 plates can be stacked on one position.

188114APE Multiflex refillable reagent reservoir 8

Module to automatically refill a trough on the deck with fresh reagent. A pump unit reagent from a 10 liter bottle below the instrument.  Compatible with 8-channel instruments.

188061APE Multiflex tilt module

Module to tilt plates on the y-axis (in landscape orientation).  Tilt is software controlled from 0 to 10 degrees.  Accepts MTP, DWP, 6-well cell plates, etc.

188062APE Multiflex tip stacker module

Module to hold 4 standard volume or 6 low volume tip racks on one position

Module to shake bead-, cell-, or reagent solutions at  a predefined speed in troughs or plates. Angle is  adjustable up to 15°C. 16-69 rpm adjustable in 4 steps.
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188064APE Multiflex refillable reagent reservoir 96

Module to automatically refill a trough on the deck  with fresh reagent. A pump unit reagent from a 10l  bottle below the instrument.  Compatible with 96-channel instruments.

188078APE Multiflex Sterile Tip Box Module

Module to store sterile tips on the deck.

188114APE , 188115APE Multiflex Media Supply Module

Module for media supply to 8 channel or 96  channel media trough.

188160 Multiflex tip module

Module to position one (1)  high-, standard-, or low volume  tip rack.  Tip pick-up height matches the tip pick-up height of the standard tip carriers.  Use PN 188040 when repeating existing methods.  If PN 188040 is used with standard tip carriers, multiple pick-up heights and there might be some limitation for scanning some tip frame labels.

191420 Multiflex Single Stackable Tip Rack

Module for one single stackable tip rack.

191425 Multiflex Stacked Tip Rack Module

Module for four stacked tip racks.

196371 Multiflex NTR384 Module

Module for one NTR of CO-RE 384 tips.

191055 384 TIP SUPPORT

Intermediate storage position for tips allows pick-up of a single tip/row/column using the CO-RE 384-probe head.

The tip support fits into the MultiFlex tip module (p/n 188160) or tip carrier (p/n 182085)

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