Immuno-Assay Automation

HAMILTON offers many different solutions Immuno-Assay Automation, designed to minimize the traditionally labor intensive and time consuming steps. Additionally, Hamilton’s solutions can be performed by all laboratory personnel.

Utilizing the power of nature’s own antibody-antigen chemical detection system, Immuno-assays provide a relatively simple, quick, specific, and reliable method for detecting and quantifying biochemical molecules. These characteristics have made immuno-assays an important and widely used tool in nearly every area of scientific research.

The most common immuno-assay is the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), and many commercially available third-party kits are available for the quantitative determination of nucleotides, peptides and proteins, signal transduction molecules, cytokines, steroids, as well as other chemical and biochemical species.  

There are many different application-specific variations of the ELISA, but the basic principle is to introduce sample (containing the analyte) and an enzyme-labeled antibody (Ab) into a tube or microtiter plate (MTP) well coated with a capture antibody. If the molecule/analyte of interest is present it is captured by the surface-bound antibody, allowing the enzyme-labeled antibody to bind and complete the "sandwich" antibody formation. After washing away unbound enzyme-labeled Ab, substrate for the enzyme is added, resulting in a color (or a fluorescence/luminescence) change that is proportional to the level of analyte. If a yes/no answer will suffice, qualitative assays can simply look for a color change. Quantitative ELISA’s are usually performed in 96- or 384-well MTP's which can be read in a plate reader. Quantitative assays typically include the production of a standard curve using calibrators/standards, which is used to extrapolate the level of analyte in samples.

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