With Silica-based Technology

PCR preparation and purification are standard procedures used for genetic analysis. Based on the widely accepted and reliable vacuum technology, Hamilton offers an automated solution for PCR clean-up on the MICROLAB STAR liquid handling robot featuring the NucleoSpin® Robot-96 Extract kit from MACHEREY-NAGEL. The throughput of this validated solution is 96 samples per hour. The system can process up to two 96-well PCR plates in 2 hours without user intervention. Additional plate stackers may be integrated to increase deck capacity and walk-away time.

The validated method is highly reliable and produces excellent DNA recovery. The very flexible system with vacuum system can be adapted to run other kit types. Hamilton's unique CO-RE (Compression-induced O-Ring Expansion) technology for tip coupling on the pipetting channels of the MICROLAB STAR allows the use of both disposable tips and washable needles within the same application.

Features and

  • Fully automated hands-free processing with built-in robotic plate-handler (CO-RE gripper or iSWAP)
  • High DNA recovery over a broad range of PCR fragment length
  • Validated method procedure available
  • Automation of multiple genomic applications including DNA normalization, PCR setup and restriction analysis
  • A wide range of kit types can be automated on the same platform


  • MICROLAB STAR 8 channels, with built in robotic plate-handler (CO-RE gripper or iSWAP)
  • MICROLAB BVS Vacuum System
  • NucleoSpin® Robot-96 Extract kit from MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH


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