From Plants with Vacuum Technology

Genomic DNA extraction from plants is automated using the vacuum based NucleoSpin® 96 Plant kit from MACHEREY-NAGEL. The MICROLAB® STAR workstation provides the reproducible pipetting needed to automate this technology and to ensure a homogeneous extraction from sample to sample.

Beginning with 20 to 100mg of starting material from plant species such as Arabidopsis or Sugar Beet, the system provides 5-30µg of pure DNA in a elution volume of 100µl. Afterwards, the isolated DNA is used for PCR set-up and sequencing reaction preparation for the genomic analysis of the plants.

In addition to the fully automated extraction of genomic DNA out of plants on the MICROLAB® STAR, PCR and sequencing reaction set-up can be performed on the same system. The process, starting from plant samples to ready-to-use DNA, takes about one hour for 96 samples.

Features and

  • Reduced consumable costs by using both disposable tips and reusable steel needles
  • Use of HAMILTON’s MAD monitoring technology to avoid clogging of tips
  • Open platform for other applications such as PCR set-up


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels
  • CO-RE Grip for easy plate handling
  • BVS vacuum system integrated on the deck of the instrument
  • All required carriers and labware


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