From Blood with Magnetic Beads

The isolation of DNA using conventional methods is increasingly proving to be a limiting and time-consuming factor for research, medical, forensic and veterinary applications. HAMILTON has combined its expertise in automated liquid handling with AGOWA's® strength in magnetic bead technology to offer an automated and fully validated system

Using this set-up, up to 10µg (Midi: 2.5µg) of total DNA per sample can be extracted from blood using a validated, simple, reliable and fully automated procedure, with a throughput of 200 (Midi: 300) samples per shift. The isolated DNA is ready-to-use for downstream applications such as PCR set-up, which can be automated on the same platform.

Features and

  • Validated method procedure available
  • Downstream applications of eluted g
  • DNA may be integrated using the same platform(e.g. DNA normalization, PCR set-up)
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Hands-free processing
  • Eluted DNA is ready to use for PCR set-up
  • Individual number of processed samples per run


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 8 channels, Auto load option for barcode handling
  • AGOWA® Maxisep 9600 and / or 7200 magnetic separator (AGOWA, Berlin, Germany)
  • All required carriers




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