For Gen-Synthesis

Automated gene synthesis on the MICROLAB STAR at Sloning

Based on the MICROLAB STAR, SloningT BioTechnology designed the unique SLONomatT production platform allowing fully automated gene synthesis. The system synthesizes desired sequences from standardized building blocks.

Gene synthesis is composed of elongation and transposition steps. In the elongation steps, oligonucleotides of up to 20-mers are composed starting from smaller oligos from a library. In the following transposition steps, these oligos are then ligated to each other until a complete gene is built up. For the elongation and transposition steps, the DNA-segments are ligated to the wells of MTP's using biotin and streptavidin complexes and cut with specific restriction enzymes.

The aim of the system is to cut development expenses for gene-based products, e.g. optimized vaccines, better and safer vectors, novel multi-functional biologicals and enhanced industrial enzymes.

Features and

  • Rapid, efficient and highly accurate gene synthesis
  • Fully automated process
  • Usage of both disposable tips and washable steel needles reduces running costs of the system


  • 2x ML STAR, 8 channel, with integrated iSWAP plate handler
  • Wash station and steel needles
  • 2x heater-shaker-modules
  • Cooling position for MTP’s and reagents
  • Stackers for increasing the deck capacity
  • Washer for MTPkein Barcodereader


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