For Analysis on Agarose Gel (Blood)

Efficient genomic DNA purification for downstream PCR-based applications, such as SNP analysis, is critical for genomic laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and multiple other laboratories working with genomic material. Hamilton has automated the Xtra Amp. genomic DNA purification kit from Xtrana with the MICROLAB STAR. The Xtra Amp kit uses a unique purification plate design with a non-silica DNA binding material embedded into the inside surface of the wells. Genomic DNA purification and PCR is performed in the same well. When automated on the STAR, the protocol starts with blood samples and finishes with PCR reactions ready for the thermocycler.

The PCR products from the Xtra Amp kit processed on the STAR showed very consistent and clean results. No cross-contamination was detected. Purification of the genomic DNA required 72 minutes when processing only one plate at a time. The processing time for individual plates can be decreased by processing more than one plate at a time.

Features and

  • Efficient and consistent automation of the purification and amplification of genomic DNA using the Xtra Amp kit from Xtrana
  • Excellent reliability with the patented CO-RE technology, aspiration monitoring and integrated positive identification
  • Improved throughput when processing more than one plate
  • Complete automation of the protocol with the iSWAP internal gripper


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels, Autoload system
  • GeneAmp. 9700 PCR system from Applied Biosystems
  • Xtra Amp. Blood Extraction System Series I from Xtrana


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