BigDye® Terminator Cleanup with Magnetic Beads

Removal of unincorporated dye terminator after DNA sequencing reactions is a prerequisite to load samples on automated capillary sequencers. For rapid and effective removal of unincorporated dye terminator, Agencourt CleanSEQ® uses Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRIT) of DNA products on magnetic microparticles.

The kit has been automated on the HAMILTON MICROLAB® STAR. The flexibility of the STAR and the robustness of the method facilitate implementation in low or high throughput environments. The application was optimized to attain:

  • minimal costs for reagents and consumables
  • high quality data
  • maximum read length

Results generated on the STAR compare favorably with results from manual processing. Automation of other kits from Agencourt on the same system is easily done due to the flexibility of the STAR.

Features and

  • Low running costs due to the use of washable steel needles throughout the
  • Throughput can easily be increased due to scalability of the method and flexibility of the system
  • Fully automated hands-free processing with built-in robotic plate-handler (iSWAP or CO-RE grip)
  • Reproducible high quality data with extended read lengths and absence of dye blobs
  • Other applications like PCR reaction cleanup with Agencourt kits can easily be automated on the same platform


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 8 channels, with built-in robotic plate-handler (iSWAP or CO-RE grip)
  • Active Wash Station with three sets of 300µl Aliquot steel needles
  • Variomag® Teleshake
  • Required carriers for samples and reagents
  • Agencourt SPRIPlate 96R Magnet or SPRIPlate 384 Magnet

Alternate System Configuration

  • STARlet with CO-RE Grip



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