From Plants with Magnetic Beads

The aim of this application is to facilitate the research on the genome of rye grass. Genomic DNA is extracted from homogenized plant material on the MICROLAB® STAR using the QIAGEN MagAttract® 96 Plant DNA kit. The MagAttract® kit is based on magnetic particles technology and provides high-purity DNA, which can be used for downstream applications such as PCR set-up.

Starting with approximately 50-70mg of freeze-dried material from rye grass, the yields on the MICROLAB® STAR are typically 7-8µg DNA. The whole extraction process for 96 samples takes about 2.5h. The isolated DNA is then utilized in various downstream applications such as gel analyses, PCR set-up and sequencing reaction preparation. PCR and sequencing reaction set-up are also automated on the same system.

The usage of both disposable tips and steel needles helps to reduce the running costs of the system.

Features and

  • More consistent results/yields in comparison to manual preparation
  • Fully automated hands-free processing of the protocol
  • Other applications such as PCR set-up and sequencing reaction preparation can be automated on the same system


  • MICROLAB® STAR, 8 channels
  • Integrated plate handler (iSWAP)
  • 96 Well Magnet
  • Temperature controlled carrier (TCC) for plates and reagents
  • Variomag Teleshake 70
  • Needle Wash Station for 1000ul and 300ul Steel Needles


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