DNA quantification for Medical Research

Loading of microplate reader

The quantification and normalization of DNA are fully automated on the MICROLAB STAR with an integrated Fluoroscan Ascent plate reader from THERMO. The plate reader is integrated with the system using an external Microlab SWAP 420 plate handler. This integration can optionally be done using the internal plate handler (iSWAP).

Quantification and normalization of DNA often use standard protocols for downstream applications such as cDNA synthesis or PCR setup. The concentrations of the DNA samples are measured in triplicates using Pico Green. Performing the measurements in triplicate increases the precision of the normalization. The mean concentration is then used to determine the volume of diluent required to dilute each DNA sample to the required concentration. Sample tracking is activated for this application, as this is critical to the entire process, and comprehensive reporting functions are fully integrated with a Thermo Nautilus LIMS system.

The system is part of a research centre investigating common complex diseases (e.g. arthritis, cancer and infectious diseases). The research center's comprehensive high throughput laboratory facility includes platforms for DNA extraction, DNA sequencing, genotyping and microarray analysis.

Features and

  • Reduced consumable costs by using both disposable tips and reusable steel needles
  • Sample volumes are measured and recorded using the very sensitive Liquid Level Detection of each single channel
  • All barcode and pipetted volume data used for normalisation are automatically stored in files
  • Open platform for other applications such as PCR setup or Sequencing Reaction preparation


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels autoloader
  • MICROLAB SWAP 420 external plate handler
  • Thermo Labsystems Fluoroscan Ascent Plate Reader
  • Matrix 2D Flatbed Scanner
  • Required carriers and labware



(plate reader / LIMS software)

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