Integration of Labcyte Echo Acoustic Dispenser

The user launches a Vector method and chooses the pre-programmed Echo protocol to be performed. The user then loads plates and tips needed on
the STAR deck. The Echo protocol is launched from the Vector software. During the Echo run, Vector constantly queries the state of the Echo and responds to its requests. The STAR supplies new plates and removes completed plates. If required, the STAR can also bulk-fill plates with DMSO, following a list of positions and volumes supplied by the Echo software. The method is capable of dealing with multiple source and destination plate types as well as intermediate plates and can handle large numbers of plates. A single Vector method is capable of running all the Echo methods currently in use within the Hit to Lead group. The general model is applicable to many configurations as the basic structure of constant queries of the Echo state can be combined with

Features and

  • This STARPlus was purchased for other tasks and is still used compound dilution, assay set-up etc – this integration adds value to the STAR.
  • Walk away automation of all Echo Dose Response protocols allows use of Echo protocols that would otherwise be impractical – this integration adds value to the Echo.


  • 2 arm STARPlus with 50l 384 head and 8 x 1ml channels on left arm and 300 l 96 head with iSWAP on right arm
  • Extension on left hand end of deck for 384 tips x 10
  • Multiflex reagent dispenser used as single chamber wash station (96 or 384 head) behind modified waste
  • Multiflex reagent dispenser for DMSO
  • 5 position plate carrier with solid metal plate positions (as they locate the
  • Labcyte plates well and the springs on standard plate positions interfere with iSWAP access)
  • Stacking in 2 PLT_CAR_L4ST (iSWAP access)
  • Tip stacking in blue racks

Essential for Labcyte Integration

  • iSWAP to access both Echo positions
  • Channels or 96/384 head (for bulk fill)
  • Adapted plate positions
  • A plate stack (preferably random access for easier programming)
  • DMSO reservoir, tips


Application note

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