Compound Dilution

Liquid handlers are used throughout drug development. One area that has been difficult to integrate them effectively is ligand binding assays of large molecules for pharmacokinetic studies. The major challenge is the requirement of huge dilutions, which vary with samples from different doses and time points. The HAMILTON Microlab Star has been validated for dilution of compounds, increasing the number of samples diluted by 90%.

Features and

  • The results demonstrated a mean recovery of 91% across all dilution factors tested and a range of (87–93% recovery).
  • 24 plates were processed in four working days, and 387 samples were diluted between 10 and 10,000 fold
  • The automated dilution process averaged 97 samples per day compared to the 51 dilutions per day using the manual process
  • 90% increase in the number of samples diluted per day
  • QC performance is an essential element of performance. The analytical variability (total error) of the in-study QCs was 8.8 to 18.5%
  • Inter-assay %CV range of the high dose group was 12–31%, which included both analytical and biological variability.


Application note


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