For Genotyping (Taqman assay)

The MICROLAB STAR was configured to run several applications on the same system, including plate replication, sample reformatting, sequencing reactions set up and PCR set up for SNP detection and real time analysis.

The low volume PCR set up (2µl DNA, 3 µl master mix) for real time analysis with TaqMan probes was prepared by using steel needles in 384 well plates. The usage of steel needles reduces the running costs significantly.

To achieve a high level of process control, the aspirations are supervised with our MAD (Monitored Air Displacement) technology, and the sample-tracking option is activated in order to document all pipetting steps involving the barcoded samples.

The system at the Department of Endocrinology, Wallenberg Laboratory, Lund University, University Hospital MAS, Malmö in Sweden is used to study metabolic and molecular aspects of the type 2 diabetes disease.

Features and

  • High deck capacity
  • Flexible system capable of running several applications on the same platform
  • Different types of labware can be used on the system
  • Full data tracking with barcode reading
  • Special “Touch-off-mode” for low volume dispensing with 10µl needles
  • Low process costs through the use of steel needles


  • MICROLAB STAR, 8 channels, with Autoload option and barcode reader
  • Wash station with two sets of 10µl needles and one set of 300µl needles
  • 20 Positions for 96/384 PCR plates
  • Carrier with 12 reagents troughs
  • Temperature controlled carrier with 4 positions for 384 well plates


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