A fully automated system for 3D scale-up of Human Neural Stem Cells

Fig.1: The 3D CellHost System

Introduction: Fully automated Microcarrier based Suspension Cultivation

The increased demand for cells that more closely mimic in vivo functions require novel cell culture approaches. We developed a complete automated 3D cell culture system that we used to streamline the cell culture process of human Neural Stem Cells (hNSC) (Fig. 1): GEMs (Global Eucaryotic Microcarriers) are microcarriers uniquely designed for cell culture. The BioLevitator supports the complete cell culture process from inoculation to harvesting. The 3D CellHOST automates parallel scale-up of different cultures at a medium-scale level.

Results: Fully automated 3D CellHOST mediated Expansion of Human Neural Stem Cells

  1. Evaluation of 3D CellHOST mediated Expansion of human ES cell-derived Neural Stem Cultures (hESNSC)
    • Cultivated cells: hESNSC
    • 3D CellHOST cultivated hESNSC yielded higher cell numbers per area than their 2D counterparts
  2. Characterization of lt-hESNSCs after fully automated 3D CellHOST-mediated expansion
    • lt-hESNSC maintain their typical morphology and metabolic activity. Their proliferation rate under scale-up conditions is enhanced.
    • lt-hESNSC remain undifferentiated after fully automated 3D CellHOST-mediated expansion.

Conclusion and Outlook

Conclusion: Fully automated 3D CellHOST-mediated cultivation of lt-hESNSC:

  • Facilitated higher cell yields per cm2.
  • Was shown to maintain typical morphological characteristics and metabolic activity of lt-hESNSC, thus demonstrating its biological compatibility (Figure 4).
  • Enhanced the proliferation abilities of high-density cultures.
  • Supported undifferentiated growth of lt-hESNSC.

Outlook : Automated 3D cell culture opens the path towards using cells as reagents.

  • Uncoupled cell culture from down stream assays.
  • From freezer to assay in one step.
  • Automated 3D CellHOST mediated culture could facilitate parallel scale-up of pluripotent Stem Cells and their differentiated progeny.


Application note

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