Frequently Asked Questions

INSTINCT V software

What is the recommended PC for running INSTINCT V?

The recommended PC to run INSTINCT V is:

OptiPlex XE DT: N Series Base Desktop Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (3GHz, 1333MHz, 6MB) , 8 GB RAM, 16x DVD+/-RW, 2x 250GB, RAID1, HDD

2x RS232, 6x USB, 2x Ethernet, 1x Digital Video Port

Flat Screen 21.5" (1920x1080)

Webcam, Mouse and Dell Soundbar, Country-specific Keyboard

MS Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64-bit

MS Office 2010 for Home and Business

The Specifications are subject to change at any time and without notice by the Hamilton. 


VENUS software

What are the settings for the SQL Server 2008?

After the SQL Server 2008 has been installed, the settings for the SQL Server 2008 installation in VENUS two must be done in the System Configuration Editor --> Vector Database Connection Settings.

Database: HamiltonVectorDB
Trusted Connection:No
Username: Hamilton
Password: mkdpw:V43

 The “Vector Database Server Preparation” screen allows the user to connect to another server / database, than the default one. Please make sure that the server to use is local; otherwise use the “Hamilton Vector Database Plus” that allows the connection to a remote server.


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How to get a software training?

HAMILTON Bonaduz offers different trainings for the VENUS software. For more information:

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What is the recommended PC for running VENUS two?

The recommended PC to run VENUS two is a Dell Optiplex 780MT (3 GHz, 1333 MHz) with 4 GB RAM, 250GB SATA drive and a Graphic card (256MB DDR2 ATI Radeon HD 3470) and a optical drive 16x DVD+/-RW. Windows XP Professional SOP3 or Windows 7 Professional. This is what we use to write the software/methods.  In the Operators Manual which comes with the system, you can find the minimal requirements under which VENUS two is working.

What is the recommended PC for running VENUS one?

The recommended PC to run VENUS one is an Intel CoreTM 2 duo (2.33GHz / 1333MHz) with 2 or 4 GB RAM, 80GB SATA drive and a 3D Graphic card (i.e. Intel® GMA3100 or better) with DirectX 9.0 support.  This is what we use to write the software/methods.  In the Operators Manual which comes with the system, you can find the minimal requirements under which VENUS one is working.

Is VENUS one running under MicrosoftXP Service Pack 3?

Yes, VENUS one is tested and approved for Windows XP Service Pack 3. All you need is the installation of VENUS one Service Pack 1.

Is VENUS one running under Microsoft Vista?

VENUS one was approved for Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Business.

VENUS one can be installed under other Vista versions but is not approved.

If I make a method in the Action Editor, can I add other commands not listed in the Action Editor?

Other commands can be added to the method by clicking on the Method Editor.  In actuality, the Action Editor is a simplied way of creating a script.  The underlying script is in the same format that can be used by the Method Editor.  However, commands added in the Method Editor might not be accessible at the Action Editor level and will appear as simplified icons in the diagram.

In the new 3D view, can I copy labware?

Yes, you simply select the plate, press the ctrl button and drag the plate's copy to the desired position.

Is there a way to 'decode' the labware names?

Yes. A precise explanation on how we generate labware names is given here.

I have a HEPA hood but I can't see the commands to control it in the toolbox?

It is necessary to first select the HxFan (aka HEPA hood) in the deck editor equipment menu and add it to the deck.  It will not appear in the deck layout but this action will inform Venus one that you have a hood and wish to control the hood in your method.  Once you do that, the appropriate commands will appear in the Toolbox.

How can I connect to the oracle database feature? Found in the System config window of Venus one.

Connection to an Oracle DB is only supported if Vector DB plus is installed. Within the VENUS one programmers manual you will find a description (Chapter 2.3) how to setup the connection. Important: The Oracle client is not part of our product and must be setup by the customer.

What happens if I connect two instruments to the the same database?

Both instruments will track the information into the same table. The idea behind ist to collecting data over multiple runs and to link them (if part of the method), means that it's possible to reload a labware on ML STAR B which was processed before on ML STAR A.

Getting errors fixed quickly

What information will the HAMILTON contact person need to support you?

In case an error in a method can not be fixed by using the online help, the manual or this FAQ section, contact the HAMILTON represenatative. The waiting time for an answer will be reduced when you prepare the following data:

1. a clear explanation of the error (what happens exactly)
2. a screenshot of the error dialog (if possible)
3. Information about the used Vector/VENUS version (use version info in START -> Programs --> hamilton)
4. Information about the used Operating system / service packs (Start --> System control --> System)
5. a method trace file (C:\Program files\HAMILTON\LogFiles)
6. a communication port trace file (C:\Program files\HAMILTON\LogFiles)
7. a package of the method
8. additional data to run the method package (worklists etc)

All this helps to shorten the response time, solve the correct error and improve methods and software.

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