Examples of CO-RE technology applications: (clockwise from top left) independent channels, 96 MPH, 384 MPH, lid tool, cap pick-up, grippers

CO-RE Technology

Compressed O-Ring Expansion: Many of today's applications require precision tip attachment and positioning. To meet this demand, Hamilton uses quality engineered components and the CO-RE tip attachment technology. The CO-RE system attaches disposable tips or washable steel tips to the pipetting channels with a stable lock-and-key fit and a precision of ±0.1 mm in all axes. The Hamilton STAR is therefore ideal for tasks where the highest precision is required:


  • MALDI target spotting
  • 1536 well pipetting
  • Low volume dispensing

The Hamilton STAR requires no vertical force for tip attachment or tip ejection, thus eliminating mechanical stress and improving the overall system reliability along with pipetting speed and dexterity.  Added benefits of CO-RE technology include:


  • Use of both disposable and washable tips within the same run
  • Ability to pick up a CO-RE grippers and other tools
  • Elimination of aerosol production upon tip ejection
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