MICROLAB 4200 Liquid Handling Robotic Workstation

(For sale in USA, Japan and S. Korea only)

The Microlab 4200 is a compact pipettors single and multi-probe liquid handling workstation ideal for column-based solid phase extraction.

  • Fixed probes or disposable tips
  • Excellent low volume accuracy and precision
  • High efficiency wash systems Large volume range
  • Liquid displacement pipetting technology
  • Flexible configuration and integration possibilities for multiple applications

Single Probe Configurations:

  • Single Probe Workstation
  • Single Probe CO-RE Disposable tip workstation

Multiple Probe Configurations:

  • MPH-4, - 8 or -12 Probe workstation
  • MPH-4 or -8 CO-RE 4- or 8-probe disposable tip workstation
  • MPH-96 96-Probe Workstation

Application-base Probe Heads:

  • Solid Phase Extraction Column-based SPE workstation
  • Gridding Head
  • Forensic Blood Archiving Workstation
  • MPH-8+1 hit Picking Workstation


  • Requires 4 feet or 1.2 m of bench space
  • 13 module capacity
  • Up to 38 microplate capacity
For Sales and Product information, contact 800-648-5950