Elisa STARlet

The ELISA STARlet is a complete solution for your non-IVD ELISA assays. The system combines a high precision pipetting unit ML STARlet with proven FAME incubators and new washer and photometer units.

The ELISA STARlet is equipped with 8 independent channels that are assymetrically spreadable, Monitored Air Displacement technology for precise pipetting and dual (capacitative and pressure) liquid level detection for polar and non polar liquids.

The system includes all necessary functions for your ELISA assay: barcode reading, plate handling, plate washing, incubation and photometer - all in a single enclosure. Based on the successful STAR line, the system offers a wide range of optional accessories including needles, washstations and CO-RE compatible manipulation tools, as well as plate, tube, reagent and custom labware carriers.

The VELISA software optimizes your assays with its Dynamic Scheduler for flexible scheduling of available resources on the system. The resource management on the ELISA STARlet can optimize a standard ELISA assay to process 10 plates in 7 hours.

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Elisa STARlet



iSWAP Robotic Hand

  • integrated plate handling on and off deck
  • access to incubator, waher and reader
  • confirms plate transportation




  • 8 channel manifold
  • Liquid Level Detection for each channel
  • 4 liquid lines (3 wash / 1 rinse)
  • Separate aspiration and dispense needles reduce contamination risk




  • Highly proven technology (Microlab F.A.M.E.)
  • Dark incubation of 20 plates in 4 towers with 5 plates each
  • Individual temperature control of each tower
  • Temperature control from ambient up to 70°C



Barcode Scanning

  • Reads barcodes from tubes, plates and carriers
  • Allows sample tracking
  • Verifies correct sample loading for enhanced process safety




  • 8 channel LED photometer
  • Wavelength range from 340-750nm
  • 4 integrated standard filters (405, 450, 492, 620nm)
  • Other filters available on request



Standard labware

The STARlet deck has a capacity of 30 tracks (T) which can be filled flexibly. For example it can hold 2 plate carriers (6T each), 1 tip carrier (6T) and 12 sample tube carriers (1T each) with 32 samples per carrier.

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