Robotic Genomics Workstations:

Genomics can be described as the study of the sequence, structure, and function of the genome. The primary applications in this field include isolation, normalization, amplification, purification, cloning and analysis of Nucleic Acids (DNA or RNA). If the number of samples is over a certain limit, manual processing becomes tedious and prohibitively time-consuming. As a solution to this problem, Hamilton can offer flexible and efficient genomics workstations for many of these applications.

Often, the first step consists of the isolation of DNA or RNA from various samples such as blood, bacteria cultures, cells, tissue or plants. If required, normalization of the isolated products is automated by integration of a plate reader. For low volume samples, PCR set-up or sequencing reaction preparations can also be prepared as a possible next step. With the integration of a cycler, the amplification reactions can be performed on the system without any user intervention. The purification of the products is either done by a filtration step or with magnetic beads. Analysis of DNA or RNA products can be automated by integration of different readers or by placing gels on the deck. For cloning steps, heating and cooling modules in different shapes for different plate types are available. If colony picking is required, Hamilton can offer an integrated camera.

Beside these main applications, other genomics methods such as DNA digestion, FTA paper application and cDNA or cRNA synthesis are automated as well.

Genomics workstations can either consist of just one application or can include several applications, which can be processed without any user intervention. Starting with just one application, automation of additional applications later on is always possible.

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Standard Solutions


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