Cultivation of Cell Cultures:

In the field of cellomics, the study of cells and their functions, HAMILTON offers specialized solutions for the automation of the cultivation of cell cultures.

The demand for mammalian cells in pharmaceutical screening and cell biology research is constantly increasing. The evaluation of drug candidates is based on their biological effect on cell cultures in high-throughput screening (HTS) while metabolic behaviour and toxicity of new compounds are tested in cell-based ADME-T assays. Basic research relies on numerous cell lines and primary cells, which constitute a tool for the elucidation of basic mechanisms of cell proliferation, differentiation and function.

In the domain of cell biology, embryonic stem cells are gaining importance as a model system. In addition to their enormous differentiation potential, these cells possess the capacity for unlimited self-renewal, which facilitates their efficient genetic modification.

Limitations of the currently used cell culture procedures include the lack of standardization associated with poor reproducibility and insufficient throughput.

HAMILTON provides systems that can reliably automate culturing of embryonic stem cells, as well as other cell types commonly used in toxicological tests and pharmaceutical screening.

When it comes to the cultivation of cell cultures, Hamilton can provide the automated solutions that you need.

Standard Solutions

Cell line development - Automated colony isolation: ClonaCell EasyPick

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