5 mL Channel

The 5 mL Independent Channels are based on air displacement pipetting technology similar to the best hand-held pipettes.  They pipette volumes ranging from 50 µL to 5 mL.  They use 5ml disposal tips which incorporate the same CO-RE tip attachment as all Microlab STAR channels.  Movements in the Y (spreading) and Z (up and down) directions are independent.  This provides the greatest flexibility to adapt to asymmetric labware positions and pipetting sequences.  Up to 8 channels can be attached to a single arm and combined with any of Hamilton's multiprobe heads (96, 384 or Nano) on one and the same system.

Pressure and Capacitive Liquid Level Sensing  Each channel is equipped with its own pressure transducer and capacitance measuring circuitry.  This allows it to measure liquid level either by pressure or capacitance or both.  Pressure sensing is vital for measuring the liquid level of non-ionic liquids, supporting TADM and chain of custody.

Straight alignment  Each channel uses Hamilton's CO-RE technology for tip attachment.  An internal o-ring is expanded to assure a tight seal and straight alignment.  Hamilton tips also are individually imaged during manufacturer for straightness.  Together with the CO-RE tip attachment design, this makes sure the tip of each tip on channel is in the right position for pipetting.


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Pipetting specifications

tip size




for disposable tips

5 mL

50 µL



5 mL

500 µL



5 mL

1000 µL



5 mL

5000 µL



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