STAR Standard Carriers

Carriers for Plates

182090 DWP Carrier PLT_CAR_L5AC

Carrier for five DWPs.  Six tracks wide.

182075 Plate Carrier 3 Positions Portrait PLT_CARP3MD

Carrier for three MTP for 12-channel STAR.  Six tracks wide.

182070 PCR Plate Carrier PLT_CAR_L5PCR

Carrier for five 96 well PCR plates.  Six tracks wide.

182365 MTP Carrier PLT-CAR-L4HD

Carrier for four 1536 plates.  Six tracks wide.

182035 PCR 384 Plate Carrier Landscape

182190 Carrier PLT-CAR-P3HD

Carrier for three 1536 well plates, portrait.  Six tracks wide.

185330 Tall Plate Stack Carriers

185340 Low Plate Stack Carrier

Carriers for Tubes

173400 Tube Carrier 24 SMP-CAR-24

A set of 4 carriers for 24 tubes each.  Holds tubes ranging in size from 14.5x60 to 18x120mm.  One track wide.

173410 Tube Carrier SMP-CAR-32

Set of 3 carriers each holding 32 tubes with a size between 11x60 and 14x120mm.  1 track wide.

182080 Reagent Carrier RGT_CAR_12R

Carrier for 12 reagent troughs 100ml each.  Six tracks wide.

188055APE Plate turntable

Automated device to turn plates from landscape into  portrait orientation or vice-versa

188066APE CO-RE gripper with attachment for waste block

Plate handling tool for plate transfer on the deck using  two pipetting channels. Includes parking position for  attachment to waste block (waste block not included).

Carriers for Tips

235993 50µl CO-RE 384 TIPS in 96 format

50 µl tips without filters in nestable tip racks (NTR), 96 tips per rack, 20 racks per tray, 1,920 tips per tray. One tray per case.

182040 Tip Adapter

Intermediate staging position of standard (300µl) and low volume (10µl) tips to enable the 96 channel head to pick up a single tip, single row or single column of tips.  Fits into the tip rack positions of the standard tip carrier (182085 TIP-CAR-480). 

182042 Combo MTP-Tip Carrier

182060 Tip Rack Carrier 3 position portrait

182074 Stacked Tip Rack Carrier

Carrier for 20 stacked tips racks.  Five stacks or 4 stacked racks each with 96 low volume or standard volume unfiltered tips in each frame.  Six tracks wide.

182085 Tip Rack Carrier TIP_CAR_480

Carrier for five tip racks.  Six tracks wide.

Functional Carriers

190032 BVS Carrier

Basic vacuum carrier with one vacuum position, vacuum manifold, manifold park position, and two MTP positions.  Six tracks wide.

182400APE Temperature Controlled Carrier (TCC)

Retractable for loading and unloading sample or reagent plates.  Fully user software controlled.  Four MTP positions. Maximum temperature is 60C.  Min. temperature is 22K less than room temperature.  Heating ramp up time is 20 minutes from room temperature (20C) to 60C.  Cooling ramp down time is 15 minutes from room temperature (20) to 4C.

188144 MFX TipCarBlister

The module in the shipping position fits for High Volume Tips and for Standard Volume Tips.

Position from the brackets for High and Standard Volume Tips
For Low Volume Tips the four blue bracket have to move direction inside. Not to the inmost position.
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