easyCode Carrier – the new 2D Barcode Reader for the MICROLAB STARLine

Hamilton now provides a solution for 2D code reading of tube racks on the deck of the Microlab STARLine. The device has the size of a plate carrier and can be used without any integration effort.


  • Reads all common tube rack and tube codes
  •  Supported manufacturers: Matrix, Abgene, Micronic, FluidX, Nunc, Axygen, Greiner, Remp
  • Formats: 24, 48, 96, 384
  • Honeycomb-shaped racks or racks with rack code on the bottom are readable without changes
  • No code – no tube detection: algorithm detects missing tubes and distinguishes between readable and unreadable codes
  • Compensates different tube rack heights: Device can detect tubes that are stuck up in tube racks
  • Integration in STAR Line flexible carrier concept
  • Less than one second reading time - picture of the whole rack is taken in one shot


Additional features of easyCode Carrier PLUS

  • Mirror for 1D code of the racks
  • 1D barcode and 2D barcode are projected to one picture
  • Reads all common tube rack and tube codes
  • Special bright light makes old REMP codes visible


  • Solid due to no moving parts
  • Saves space on deck - small footprint
  • Carrier offers 3 additional SBS positions that can be used to store other plates
  • High-end decoding algorithms from industry machine vision allow for fast decoding and secure identification of even difficult codes
  • No warm up time

Special Notes:

  • Plate position height designed for DWP
  • Because of cabling, the carrier is NOT Auto loadable!



easyCode Carrier Standard

easyCode Carrier PLUS

Part number



Tracks on STAR-deck

6 Tracks

7 Tracks


134 x 94 x 495 mm

156 x 110 x 495 mm

Positions for SBS labware






1D Rack Code on the Side



Rack code on bottom of rack



Reading of REMP tubes filled with dark liquid




5 Mega Pixel CMOS

5 Mega Pixel CMOS




Data transfer

USB 2.0



LED Array

LED Array and Super Bright REMP light

Required Ports

1 DIV port on STAR, 2 USB on PC (Camera and license dongle)

Warm up time

0 sec

Reading time

1 sec

Decoding time

96 tubes: < 3 sec


384 tubes: < 10 sec

Suitable Racks

All SBS Racks, with 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 tubes

Tube Manufacturers

Matrix, FluidX, Micronic, Corning, Abgene, Nunc, Greiner, Matrical, Wheaton, Axygen, Remp

Supported codes 1D

2/5 Industrial / Interleaved, Code 128, Pharmacode, Codabar, EAN 13 and many more

Supported codes 2 D

Datamatrix ECC 200, PDF417, QR Code

Content of software CD

easyCode software, HSL library, demo methods, settings for common tube racks, camera driver, driver for license Dongle

Included in delivery

Reader carrier, power cable, USB cable, software CD, license CD, license dongle, cleaning cloth


Side mirror of easyCode Carrier PLUS for the 1D rack code

For Sales and Product information, contact +41-81-660 60 60